What We Offer

We are pioneering institute in the field of Aeronautical, mechanical and allied streams. We offer the following services for Companies & Students.

HR Services

We constantly upgrade our skill set to not only meet the increasing demand for right talent but also put in all effort to ably match the prerequisites specified by clients.


Internship opportunities enable you to use what you have learned, expand your knowledge & benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience. The opportunity to work on real projects.

Inplant Training

Aero Pioneers Technologies organizes Inplant training program in Aeronautical & Mechanical Industry. Students can have a visit to the industry & get a good exposure by interacting with Industry experts.


Aero Pioneers Technologies will guide you to make a Gliders, RC Aircrafts, RC Hovercraft etc., We teach you from the basics of aeronautics. Also we do sell all kinds of aeromodeling products

Project Works

We guide you to do your projects either by your own concept or by the concept suggested by our team. The projects can be in analytical, Numerical or Experimental analysis.


Aero Pioneers Technologies organizes and conducts workshops in aeromodeling, engineering design, CFD and FEA. We conduct workshops from min 1 day to max of 5 days.

   We employ the strongest team of professionals in the industry who have access to the widest breadth & depth of research, platforms & services in more locations and for more industry segments than any other human capital firm. We do provide:

Temporary Staffing Recruitment(TSR):

  • Our temporary staffing experts excel in delivering qualified candidates that are a good fit for both your business and its industry.
  • Staffing needs of either business cycle fluctuations or short term projects. We Identify temporary recruitment needs & develop a strategy for attracting skilled & experienced candidates

Permanent Staffing Recruitment(PSR):

  • You will get access to the skills & insight it takes to select candidates who are the best match for your company & its culture
  • We implement the methodology that offers complete sourcing, screening & hiring cycle management

In-house Recruitment (IHR):

  • With efficient systems and the expertise of our consultants, we provide both the transparency and optimization needed to make your business better.
  • In the In-house Recruitment services we meets organization's structural needs for high-volume, skilled flexible workforce. Our consultants work on-site in order to customize our processes to your specific needs.

Managed Services Provider(MSP):

  • It helps your business to improve time to hire, increase candidate quality, as well as benchmark and measure their performance, all while reducing HR costs.
  • This help you build a strategic and cost-effective HR strategy that meets the unique needs of your business and generates results.

   Work on real projects & make an impact in the competitive world before you even graduate with an internship

About Internship:

  • Gain new skills & on-the-job experience
  • Beef up your resume
  • Collaborate with colleagues around the world
  • Gain real world experience
  • Learn from the pros and build your network

Requirements & Benefits:

  • MUST have basic knowledge in CAD/CAM or Aeromodeling
  • At the end of internship you will get a certificate, Letter of recommendation & may be Pre-Placement offer

Who can Apply:

  • Those who have/are pursuing UG/PG degree in mechanical, aeronautical or automobile engineering.
  • Those who available for minimum of SIX month duration

About InPlant Training(IPT):

  • Develop industrial exposure among students
  • Gain practical training
  • Get counseled in order to emerge out in your interested stream
  • Get assist with in-service training of their employees

Requirements & Benefits:

  • MUST be a student from a recognized college/university
  • MUST get a bonafide certificate from the institution
  • At the end of training you will get a certificate & knowledge exposure

Who can Apply:

  • Those who have/are pursuing UG/PG degree in mechanical, aeronautical or automobile engineering.
  • Available for one day to fifteen days

   It's a creative hobby where a you learn the basics of flying with an objective of designing, building and flying the model airplane, helicopter & rockets.

Basic Aeromodeling:

  • Learn basics of aeronautics by practical session & also by the use of some videos
  • Understand the basic concepts of powered and un-powered models
  • Learn to design and fabricate the models like Boomerang, Paper plane and Gliders

Session Plan:

  • Introduction to Aeromodeling
  • Design concepts of Paper Plane
  • Design concepts of Glider
  • Design concepts of Boomerang
  • Hands on Training session


  • Age: 12 yrs and above
  • School students (or) College students (or) employees
  • Basic knowledge in physics

Advanced Aeromodeling:

  • Learn from the basics to advanced techniques in aeronautics with hands on training
  • Understand the concepts of models like RC Aircraft, RC Quadcopter, RC Helicopter, etc.,
  • Get a clear knowledge on aeronautical, electrical, electronics & instrument related to RC model design

Session Plan:

  • Introduction to aeromodeling
  • Concepts of aeromodeling
  • Concepts of RC Models
  • Concept of electrical, electronics & Instruments
  • Demo Session


  • Basic knowledge in aeromodeling
  • Bonafide certificate from the concerned college or school
  • If employees, photocopy of ID card from concerned company

   We work with you to carry out your project with the guidance of our industrial experts or carryout the project suggested by our technical team. Our projects guidance team is known for its flexibility and efficiency, which are the two key ingredients required for the development of projects which meet the students' unending aspirations. To get the topics contact us. Below are the streams in which project can be carried out.


The projects in aerodynamics can be in analytical, Numerical or Experimental analysis. In case of experimental work we guide you to do the wind tunnel testing of your model & predict the results. Any models can be fabricated to do an aerodynamic analysis.


The projects in materials & structures can be in analytical, Numerical or Experimental analysis. We guide you to carry out the project by using composite materials or smart materials to your structure. The working models by using the smart materials can also be done.

Mechanical Engineering:

The project can be done in the streams of production, automation, Mechatronics, robotics, pneumatics, hydraulic, thermal, refrigeration, non-conventional energy, agricultural etc.,

Flight dynamics & control:

The projects in flight dynamics & control can be in analytical, Numerical or Experimental analysis. Any type of possible working models can be done. The models can be made by using the RC Aircraft, RC helicopter or RC quadcopters to justify your results..


The projects in propulsion can be in analytical, Numerical or Experimental analysis. Any type of possible working models can be done. We have done flameless combustion chamber, Plasma propulsion engine model, which has been in successful.

Automobile Engineering:

The project can be done in the streams of manufacturing, thermal, robotics, hydraulic, automation, Mechatronics etc.,